It was just five months ago that I decided to start Smart and Simplistic. I started with a goal of proving to myself and all the other small bloggers out there that it was possible to earn real money as a small blogger as long as you are genuine and passionate. 

Here I am just four months later running a successful full time business that I love. The things I have learned along the way just prove to me that this is possible for anyone.

I want to prove to you that it is possible for your blog. You can be living your dreams of being a blogger in as little as 30 days. Let me help you.


You don't have to have 50,000 page views to make money!

I as someone who only averages 7,500 monthly page views and 4,000 users get angry when I see people say page views = income. 

I make thousands of dollars every single month with only 4,000 users. 

If I can do it so can you.. so can anyone. The key is caring, being passionate and working hard.

Last month I made enough money to pay all of my bills including rent, groceries, electricity, and my cell phone.

Get the ebook + guide + included goodies now!

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Want to know how much traffic I had last month exactly?

& I made enough to pay every single bill I had.

Whats inside this ebook?

What this book Includes:

  • 33 chapters covering:
    • The exact methods I used to turn my blog into a business in 30 days.
    • The keys to goal setting for your blog.
    • The best way of monetizing your blog.
    • How to create a relationship with readers.
    • How to make money with a small audience.
    • The importance of trust.
    • How to build trust with your audience.
    • How to reach your target audience most effectively.
    • And much much more....

Once A Month Live Q+ A Sessions

  • In these sessions we will talk about anything you want.
  • Any questions you have about monetization.
  • Any questions you have about building a relationship with your audience.
  • We can discuss your success + goals.

Private Facebook Group

  • In the Facebook group we will have daily check ins. 
  • I will randomly hold live chats to talk with members about their blogs.
  • In the Facebook group we will have content collaboration, and growth activities.

Monthly Email Check-in's

  • I will email you once a month to see how your blog is coming.
  • Help you with your monetization struggles.
  • Give you updated tips on how you can monetize your blog more sucessfully.
  • Help you brainstorm product or service ideas.
  • Review your blogs brand.
  • Discuss how you can grow your blog for the following month.

Whats inside this printable guide book?

What the complete guide includes:

  • Daily social media checklists for the month.
  • A walk through the methods I used to reach my success so quickly.
  • Complete list of the best online communities.
  • Complete guide to how to monetize successfully for any type and size blog.
  • A guide teaching you how to brand your blog for successes even if you have no design skills.
  • The checklist I used when monetizing my site which has earned me a full time income.
  • And much much much more...

The Money Maker Package

  • 30 Days to Blog Success 60 page ebook.
  • Lifetime ebook updates.
  • Complete walk through printable guide.
  • Access to my private Facebook group for bloggers looking to make it their career.
  • Monthly personal check in emails (for 12 months.)

 Total Price: $100

The Day Dreamer Package

  • 30 Days to Blog Success 33 chapter ebook.
  • Lifetime ebook updates.
  • Complete walk through guide.

     Total Price: $85

The Goal Setter Package

  • 30 Days to Blog Success 33 chapter ebook.
  • Lifetime ebook updates. 

Total Price: $70

30 Days to Blog Success

The complete guide to turning your small blog into a successful business.

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